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Spike is just learning about his new quills from his friend, Rupert.

When Rupert gets into trouble with Bear, Spike must use more

than his quills to save his friend.
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Released in November, 2010.

Hanna Bear can smell winter coming. It’s time to find a den where she will snooze until spring, because that is what bears do. But this year, Hanna’s friends have promised to wake her up for Christmas. As Christmas nears, no one is able to make enough noise to rouse her. Will she miss the surprise they have for her?
(author: Monica Devine; Illustrator: Sean Cassidy)
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Henry is not a morning rooster.

He loves to stay up late playing with the other animals.

When his father leaves the farm for a convention,

Henry must crow everyone awake. (author: Margariet Ruurs; Illustrator: Sean Cassidy)

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Blue Spruce nominee

Chocolate Lily nominee

Gummytoes, a gray tree frog, always blends into the background

and never gets seen. When he decides to make others notice him,

he gets more attention than he can handle.

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Blue Spruce nominee

Shining Willow nominee

A lamb is missing from the barnyard. When Mouse offers to help

find the lost lamb, the sheep shake their heads and say she is

too small for the task. Mouse doesn’t let that bother her. She

knows that the smallest ones can sometimes get the biggest results.

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Mr.Christie’s Silver Award

Merlin is a kitten who gets adopted by Guinevere, the oldest hen in the barn. Guinevere showers Merlin with love and seeds, but a kitten cannot thrive on chicken feed. When a young girl visits the barn, Guinevere knows that, with the girl, Merlin will have a safe, healthy, loving home. Merlin never forgets Guinevere or her love. He finds a unique way to show his love in return. (author: Stephanie Simpson McLellan; Illustrator: Sean Cassidy)

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Ruth Schwartz Award

Mr.Christie’s Gold Award

Blue Spruce nominee