Presentations:    My sessions are fun, educational and interactive.
They are tailored to the age of each group.
Students and teachers will learn skills that they can use afterward in their own work.
I always bring my sketch books, rough drawings and finished paintings.
Typically, after talking about how picture books get written, illustrated and printed, I do some drawing with the children. 
For JK and SK, I teach the children how drawa variety of characters using simple lines and shapes. 
For Grades 1 to 4, the students learn how  to create different expressions on a character.  In the older grades, students will learn how to create bodies as well as expressions. 
Everyone will learn simple skills upon which they can build. Teachers frequently tell me that their students return to class and ask to continue exploring what they have just learned.
I also teach lessons on body proportions (suitable for grade 4 and up), environments, perspective and picture book creation (suitable for grade 7 and up). I'm flexible and open to working with teachers and librarians to focus on the areas they'd like me to cover with their students.