One point perspective

Lesson 3

In this lesson, we’ll use the same three rules
of one point perspective in order to make the
room larger and more interesting.
Let’s put a step in the floor of this room. A natural place for the
step would be in line with the step that we have just
created in the wall.
1.  Extend “LINE A” so that it goes across the room
until it meets the wall on the left.
This line will be the top of the step.
2.  We’ll draw the rest of the rectangle below this line. At each
end of the whole line, draw two vertical lines of equal length.
If we make these vertical lines short, then we’ll have a regular
step. If we make them long, then we’ll have a small wall.
I’m going to make a normal step.  (Later, I'll make a higher
step so you can see what it looks like.)
3. Join the lower ends of those lines with a horizontal line.

4.  Let’s finish things by drawing the two new floor lines.

(Remember, these must point at the VP.)

Next, we’ll erase those lines which no longer make sense.

Erase “Line A”.  Erase the old floor lines.  

5.  Congratulations!

Your room looks much better than a plain box.

If you had drawn a rectangle a lot higher than

a normal step, you could have ended up with

something like this.
In the next lesson, we’ll break the rules.
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