One point perspective

Lesson 4

In this lesson, we’ll break the rules and create a slope.

If a room has a few lines that are not horizontal or vertical,

then it’s a bit more interesting.

1.  We’ll start by changing the shape of the back wall

(the rectangle we drew first). Using the ceiling line of

the back wall as its base, draw a triangle.  
2.  Erase the old ceiling line.

3.  Starting at the vertex, draw a new roof line.

This new line must aim at the VP.

Anything that we draw on these new

sloped roofs must have lines that either aim at the VP,

or lines that are parallel to the new slope of the back

4. There is one area of the room that doesn’t make sense.

The ceiling must always match the shape

of the wall beneath it. The ceiling above the step that

we made in the right-hand wall must be adjusted

to match the top of that step.

There are a couple of ways to fix this problem.

The easiest is to draw a line (aimed at the VP)

through the top left corner of the little wall.

5.  Congratulations!

You have created an interesting interior space.

You know the rules. You know how to break them.

By following these rules, you can create hundreds

of  interior spaces.